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Brickstudio A. Ltd. — Architecture & Design. PDF,Eng

Wooden Architecture Experience in the creation of national cultural centers in Russia and abroad. Possible solutions to the Russian Center in Moscow suburb.
PDF, Rus


Rasidential & Reconstruction.
PDF, Eng


Draft decision of the space between the tower. Federation Bldg., Moscow City.
PDF, Rus

Spacy Installation.
PDF, Rus

Space +

Innovative Ideas in Architecture. Lecture.
PDF, Eng + Rus

Reconstruction Reconstruction of churches and industrial buildings in cultural facilities. Modern theater interiors in the UK.
PDF, Eng + Rus


Concepts of Ecotecture. Lecture.
PDF, Eng
+ Rus

From the History of Byzantine Architecture The influence of Byzantine sacred architecture in the Western European art. Lecture. PDF, Rus


SPA-centre, “Eurasia”-Tower in Moscow-City

Hotel in South-East Asia

Concept of design of the lobby, S-Petersburg

Sketch of the Beauty-salon, “Eurasia”-tower, Moscow-City

Interior of retail centre in Voronege

Interior of the flat in “Eurasia” tower in Moscow-City

Interior of the flat in “Eurasia” tower in Moscow-City

Sketch of the lobby in residential house in S-Petersburg

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