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Brickstudio A. Ltd. — Architecture & Design. PDF,Eng

Wooden Architecture Experience in the creation of national cultural centers in Russia and abroad. Possible solutions to the Russian Center in Moscow suburb.
PDF, Rus


Rasidential & Reconstruction.
PDF, Eng


Draft decision of the space between the tower. Federation Bldg., Moscow City.
PDF, Rus

Spacy Installation.
PDF, Rus

Space +

Innovative Ideas in Architecture. Lecture.
PDF, Eng + Rus

Reconstruction Reconstruction of churches and industrial buildings in cultural facilities. Modern theater interiors in the UK.
PDF, Eng + Rus


Concepts of Ecotecture. Lecture.
PDF, Eng
+ Rus

From the History of Byzantine Architecture The influence of Byzantine sacred architecture in the Western European art. Lecture. PDF, Rus


Tree house

Interior Russia

Interior (London, UK)

Teepot "Bruno" (Berlin)

Residential Complex
(Berlin, Germany)

Residential Complex (Zhukovsky, Russia)

Eco-Hotel in South-East
Asia (scetch)

Commercial & Entertainment
Centre (Omsk, Russia)

Commercial & Entertainment
Centre (St.Petersburg, Russia)

Private House (London, UK)


Multifunctional Centre
(Voronezh, Russia)

Multifunctional Centre
(Voronezh, Russia)

Hotel complex (Sochi)

Hotel (Dublin)

Private Villa (Berlin, Germany)

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