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Business Tours
for Developers, Architects and Builders

Next Business Tour:
"London Architecture-2013"
- PDF. Rus

The program includes the participation of companies in different fields - as representatives of specific "English" style, and international corporate giants. Expected to visit the architectural and engineering companies, planned visits to facilities and construction sites, workshops and exhibitions, as well as sightseeing and excursions to London and its environs.

Personal Development Tour:
"Architectural Education in the UK and its Prospects for Students and Young Professionals" - PDF. Rus

The program includes activities in different fields: mostly visiting various schools of architecture from the prestigious Architectural Association (AA) to the technical universities, with a detailed study of specific programs, the learning environment, practice opportunities and contacts with students and professors, as well as a tour of modern architecture of London.

We offer both individual and group business tours to various countries in accordance with professional customer request.

Specialized business tours in Western Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.

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Samples of our specialized business tours in PDF, Rus:

Australia (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne)
Brazil (Rio, Brasilia, Manaus)
Great Britain (London, Windsor)
Spain (Barcelona)
China (HK, Macao)
USA (LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, NYC)
Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama)

Also business tours to:
Germany, France, Italy, Emirates, Malaysia, Canada etc.


International Development / Architecture- and Construction-Management / Interior- and Landscape-Design

We offer development of the architectural concept of any profile, scale and complexity, with current Western building materials and technologies, as well full implementation of the building process in any country in the EU and the CIS, having regard to local building codes.

Ñonstruction and restoration work, the full cycle:

- Design permits
- Production design drawings
- Involvement of all levels of subcontractors (engineers, builders, lawyers, etc.)
- Registration of all necessary insurances
- Implementation of professional supervision of all phases of work

The total list of architectural and construction services:

- Search and selection of prospective object at the desired site. This could be as a separate apartment, house, or land, castle or manor. Regional variation is also quite wide.

- Official acquisition of the property and the correct legal form of the transaction, obtaining the necessary construction documents, drawings, etc.

- Development of technical specifications for the design of a new home or remodeling an existing one, the corresponding execution of architectural design, engineering design, plans, plumbing and electrical equipment, ventilation, ensuring the safety of, a detailed description of the work, budgeting. Official registration of the project after its implementation. Obtaining permits and approvals of the construction process with the local authorities. Contact and coordination with the supervisory authorities (Building Control). Implementation timetable for implementation, coordination of work with subcontractors for prices and terms. Organization to manage the documentation for building safety (Health and Safety).

- Development of a detailed internal design elements, millwork items, textiles, and lighting concepts, approval and custom finishes, the overall concept of furniture. Possible detailed design of interior design, with the manufacturer's instructions and direct ordering furniture objects and their delivery to the site. Develop detailed functional kitchen design.

- Implementation of landscape design concept.

- Implementation of the organization and management of construction works. Site preparation, provision of water and power station. The construction of the necessary temporary fencing and scaffolding. Construction work on the stage "1st fix". Common structural work on the main bearing walls, on a temporary and permanent steel frame Object, roof. Upgrade of window openings and installing the main internal staircase. The first phase of work on the electrical wiring and plumbing pipes wrapping and stormwater. Performing stucco Object.

- Implementation of the stage "2 fix", Fundamentals Ceilings, walls and floors, installing plumbing and electrical equipment.

- Work on the implementation of the final interior finishing, fulfillment of landscaping and paving, fences, garages, outdoor lighting, installation of surveillance cameras.

- Coordination (under construction), the control of the local authorities, a definitive official certificate from Building Control, necessary for the further sale of the Object.

- Sale of ready objects.


- The interior design of all types (residential, office, shop, club, restaurant, fairs, etc.)

- Landscape Design (English and French parks, Far garden on the principles of feng shui, the modern landscape gardening culture)

- Urban Planning Design (facades, urban sculpture, the aesthetics of the public sector)

Search and aquisition of a suitable property in the UK

Estate auctions are held regularly in the UK. To get a perspective object requires skilled care professionals who can advance with a high probability to estimate the timing and the minimum cost of the upcoming repair work (including preparation of Planning Permission, plus the price of building materials, wages and salaries, architects, engineers and project managers).

Selling a Property in the free market:

Sell ready, renovated facility in the free market is not very difficult, as property prices in the UK (and above all - in Greater London) is constantly growing. This is not surprising, as London as a major business, financial and cultural center of the world, always attracted the interest of wealthy people from around the world, while the space for the new building is severely restricted.

We are ready to answer any additional questions and to clarify in more detail each of these points.

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